Our Three-Fold Arm

...God's branch, beautiful and glorious

PEFAV will address the needs of the three levels of womanhood: young girls, Ladies, and women through the three rubies:

RUBY ONE: Using the “catch them you approach”: the young girls are equipped to approach womanhood prepared with the knowledge of their position and roles as a woman.

RUBY TWO: using the “Self-identification, self-discovery approach”: this category of womanhood is touched with love and embraced with hope. To revive their trust, taking back the dignity and decent decisions for a better-focused life. To properly prepare them for marriage as soon as to go into it with all understanding because marriage is a life long journey. Also to counteract some of the devils lies against their marital life.

RUBY THREE: this category reaches out to all women who have gone through the process of childbearing using the “am in charge approach”. Equipping and encouraging them with as much knowledge as possible in their journey of motherhood. Reaffirming their roles in the family and society.

Our strategies of impacting the ideas of PEFAV are through the following medium: seminars, retreats, workshops (cooking competitions, beauty pageants etc).