Our Core Values

...God's branch, beautiful and glorious

Passion for the fear of God: to put Him first in all our endeavours.

Passion for love: love is the invisible thread that sustains the world. Women are the custodians of love both the Agape and sacrificial love for their husband, children and relationship.

Passion for relationship: PEFAV is to help foster harmonious relationship in the family, religious organization and workplace. It also aim at fostering unity, tolerance and spirit of oneness.

Passion for fidelity: re-enforcing the African woman’s loyalty, trust and commitment to relationship.

Passion for knowledge: knowledge brings out the best in any human being. A woman cannot give more than what she has knowledge of. Her enthusiasm for knowledge are usually transferred to her offspring.

Passion for excellence: our watchword is excellence and excellence is hard work. This will enable women to cherish perfection, constantly doing things better from the way it was done previously.

Passion for healthy living: living and living healthy is paramount in life. This emanates from eating well and exercising the body without which the body will collapse.